By Marika Tietavainen

Happy New Year!

It has been now 11 days since the long-anticipated arrival of our youngest family member. While life now is filled with all things scented with that sweet baby smell, we all need to recover from the pregnancy and delivery. This occasionally requires a peek outside of the cosy and warm baby bubble to take on the challenge of starting a recovery from the physical effects of the preceding 9 months. So what have I done so far to get back in shape?

I still went for a relaxing swim the night before our baby…

by Marika Tietavainen

The first two weeks after delivery of my baby were somewhat tough but manageable, and certainly easier than the doomsday scenarios I had painted in my imagination during the lead up to the date of delivery. Therefore I was in an optimistic mood turning corner to week 3 post-partum and continued with brisk walks with the baby in tow in his cosy and snug pram. Surprising how sweat inducing exercise it is to push a tiny baby up a hill in pram, but I peg that down partly to reduced level of intensity of any activity during…

by Marika Tietavainen

I have always maintained the old adage that pregnancy is not an illness, and having experienced the condition recently myself, I still stand by it. Well, apart from the debilitating morning sickness, which is frightfully reminiscent of morning after a wild party, bar memories of actual fun, and which seems to stick around like a ad smell for inconsiderate length of time. But once this condition has passed it is surprising just how much our bodies can tolerate and achieve, how much more strength we have than we maybe initially think and how sports training can be…

Marika Tietavainen (Yoga with Marika)

Yoga is my passion lets make it yours

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